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Zarkoperfume Pink Molecule 100ml

Zarkoperfume Pink Molecule 100ml

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Zarkoperfume's feminine Pink Molecule is an interpretation of the nordic elements fused with pink champagne. The lovely warm breeze that comes in the spring mixed with water and the dark trees in Denmark. A fragrance that has a grand opening of innocence and purity, but with strong sensual undertones - like pink champagne. The fragrance is almost mineralic, in that it goes from the topnotes directly to the basenotes. The fragrance is made of molecules, which adapts to every single persons fragrance oils, which is the reason why the scent is different on every person. A really feminine fragrance.

Because the fragrance is made of molecules, it is important that you don't rub the perfume on the skin, but spray it on and the skin and let it sink in. If you rub eg. your wrist together you risk destroying the molecules and thereby the smell.


  • Elderflower, Abricot, Black Orchid, Pink Molecules, Mahogony, Creme accord, Black wood accord

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Zarkoperfume Pink Molecule 100ml


Zarko perfume


Zarkoperfume Pink Molecule 100ml