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Zarkoperfume Oud-ish 100ml

Zarkoperfume Oud-ish 100ml

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ZARKOPERFUME'S OUD'ISH is named after Oud, which is the name of the world's most expensive raw material for perfume - and has a special scent of sweet forests and forest beds. The extraction of Oud is extremely difficult. Combined with a high demand, Oud is considered as valuable as liquid gold. In this perfume there are used raw materials of the finest quality: Indian green tea absolute - ambergris - if musk. OUD'ISH is a unisex perfume. The fragrance is made of molecules, which adapts to every single persons fragrance oils, which is the reason why the scent is different on every person.

Because the fragrance is made of molecules, it is important that you don't rub the perfume on the skin, but spray it on and the skin and let it sink in. If you rub eg. your wrist together you risk destroying the molecules and thereby the smell.


  • Agarwood (Oud), Green tea, Ambra, White Musk

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      Zarkoperfume Oud-ish 100ml


      Zarko perfume


      Zarkoperfume Oud-ish 100ml