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Creed Original Santal Body Oil 75ml

Creed Original Santal Body Oil 75ml

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Creed Original Santal body oil is alcohol free, Body oil when applied helps the fragrance to last much longer on your skin by creating second layer.

"Original Sandalwood" is a new interpretation of Sandalwood, which has been the base of men's perfumes for thousands of years. 
Here, Olivier Creed completely re-invents this ingredient, placing it in the heart of the perfume and no longer at the base, combined with rare natural essences, and invites us to a real international journey through these species from Virginia, Thailand , Sicily, Jamaica ... The result is sensational, a scent that retains its warmth and depth, but wakes you up with its zesty side and full of "punch".

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Creed Original Santal Body Oil 75ml




Creed Original Santal Body Oil 75ml