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A Lab On Fire Paris L.A.

A Lab On Fire Paris L.A.

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Paris*L.A. is a snapshot of Tinseltown through the eyes of the City of Light, an illumination of the hidden connections between two distinctly different cultural capitals. When they speak to each other, it's a filtered language, a private exchange. One adores, the other abides––for the lover sees what the beloved cannot. 

Two key accords make up the character of Paris*L.A. Representing the City of Angels is a delightfully true recreation of that most American of refreshments, Coca Cola, with an effervescence so perfect that you can almost feel the bubbles as they fizz and pop above the skin. And representing Paris, the macaron, lightly creamy with a sweet almond center, bathing the whole scent with a delicious elegance. If this is how Parisians truly view our hometown, we will happily accept the compliment, and wear this one-of-a-kind fragrance with pride.

Paris LA  Notes

Key lime, ginger, cola accord, neroli petals, coriander seeds, thyme, macaron accord, amber, musk.

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A Lab On Fire Paris L.A.


A Lab On Fire


A Lab On Fire Paris L.A.